Added Benefits of a Patient Advocate



Erroneous charges directly impact your “Health Report” just like a credit report impacting your insurability, insurance rates and the coverage you receive. An advocate can identify and
correct these errors.


Insured or not, an advocate will review upcoming care and can
negotiate a reduced rate so you know exactly what your out of
pocket will be.


An advocate can direct you to providers willing to adhere to our high standards of care while providing the most affordable payment options.

Health Insurance Answers

Empowering Patients

We’ve all been there. Receiving medical bills asking for money you probably do not owe from people you’ve never heard of. You may have your own story of calling your insurance company or medical facility only to be told to pay or you will be sent to collections. Some may even threaten legal action!
Did your insurance premium increase again this year along with your deductible? Are you debating whether the insurance cost is worth the monthly expense?
Health Insurance Answers steps in with the insurance company or medical providers on your behalf to discover the truth behind these bills. We will dispute erroneous charges or negotiate to reduce the amount you do owe. We also help you better understand your benefits and how to best leverage the coverage you have. Are you currently uninsured? We can help guide you even if you have no health insurance.

"A conversation with Health Insurance Answers can relieve the stress of dealing

with medical charges..."

Eileen R.

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