Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Patient Advocate?

A patient advocate is a dedicated liaison between you, your healthcare providers and your insurance company. Your advocate is there to fight on your behalf for better care and to assist in resolving any outstanding medical bills you may incur. Your advocate will also attempt to negotiate reductions in out-of-pocket costs and advise you on the best financial course of action to take when accessing the healthcare system.

What Are You All About?

By joining Health Insurance Answers and one of our affordable packages, you now have a personal advocate watching out for you.  You are represented by a group of professionals dedicated to having a direct impact on the financial outcome of your healthcare. You have taken a proactive approach to managing your healthcare costs.  You can feel confident our service will properly represent you and your loved ones and will be working on your behalf.

What Packages Are Available?

If you are an individual or a family, a package is available, and you can choose the level of service and how many people are covered in your home. We are here for you to advocate on your behalf with billing questions or complex insurance situations.

Can't I Go It Alone?

Many have tried, but as you can see a typical doctor's office and insurance company doesn't like to debate or work with you on anything. They would rather you pay the bill as listed and not question rates, service costs, etc. They know that you are probably unfamiliar with the industry and that most people take their word that the charges are valid. When you hire us, we are well-versed in the industry terms and costs and can easily spot incorrect charges or fees. With us by your side, you can rest assured you aren't paying more than necessary.

We Are a Physician's Office - Can We Use Your Services to Help Our Clients?

Yes. We have packages for physicians and can assist you with insurance needs and calls as well as handle your entire Accounts Receivable so that you can get back to what you do best, caring for the medical needs of your patients.

How Often Can I Use My Benefits?

Your benefits are unlimited! Feel free to call us for anything related to your healthcare,
medical costs, billing questions or benefit inquiries.

How Do I Access My Benefits?

Simply pick up the phone and call your advocate toll free at 800-457-7973, chat with them right from our website at during regular business hours or mail them at any time, day or night.

Should I Continue to Call Human Resources with These Types of Questions?

Call your advocate first for health-related items. Your advocate was put in place to assist
you and human resources in adding an additional resource to your already great benefits.

Do You Explain How My Insurance Plan Works?

Yes, our advocates are experts in navigating the confusing lingo and plan policy
guidelines so our members are fully aware of their benefits and the best way to utilize them. Copays, coinsurance, deductibles and out of pocket costs. Non covered facilities and non-covered services, your advocate will have the answers.

I Have Questions About an Upcoming Procedure and Costs - Can You Help Me?

Absolutely. We have more data than a library and access to the national reimbursement
guides that drive pricing of healthcare procedures. Not only will we tell you what a fair
price is for the procedure you are having but negotiate it on your behalf to ensure the best deal possible while getting the best care.

I Have Past Due Medical Bills Prior to Having This Service - Can You Help Me?

You bet! Bring them all. We have had numerous success stories in negotiating medical
bills for pennies on the dollars, pulling patients out of collections, and even obtaining
refunds for our members.

My Question Isn't Listed...

No problem, we'd still like to help! Please use the Contact Us section to reach out with your question and we will reply promptly.