Why Choose Health Insurance Answers?

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We Take the Worry out of Medical Billing and Endless Claim Hassles

Have you ever had a hospital stay or doctor's procedure thinking there would be no insurance or billing hassles, only to be overwhelmed when you got the bill? This has happened to almost everyone. Yet when you called about it, their office probably brushed you off telling you to pay it in full or tell you to figure it out with
the insurance company. Well not anymore, because we know the industry and have access to what is normally acceptable to bill for each service and procedure. The
truth is mistakes are often made in how bills are created, and having an advocate means
you will only pay what you really owe. Many clients of ours only end up paying a fraction of what they thought they owed.


You No Longer Have to Go It Alone

Take the nightmare out of dealing with endless billing questions and confusing insurance policies. By joining Health Insurance Answers and one of our affordable packages, you now have a personal advocate watching out for you.  You are represented by a group of professionals dedicated to having a direct impact on the financial outcome of your healthcare. You have taken a proactive approach to managing your healthcare costs.  You can feel confident our service will properly represent you and your loved ones and will be working on your behalf.

No Special Interests Here

It is important for you to know that Health Insurance Answers NEVER accepts
financial donations, or compensation of any kind from insurance companies or
from the medical providers we have prescreened. We serve one interest which is
the patient above all else. If you have a preferred provider already selected, just
let your advocate know. There is no requirement to ever change providers.


Let Us Handle Your Health Questions and Get Back to What Matters Most

If you try to negotiate and fix your medical billing problems on your own, you probably will not get the result you want and will spend much time getting few results. As experts in the field, we can get a better result for you faster than on your own. Which let's you get back to living your life and what matters most. Check out our very affordable packages today!